Dealer #852 – Jenny Predpelski

Business Name: Amenities

Booth Location: 3rd Floor NW Corner by the Front Windows

How long have you been a vendor at RMA? Since August 2001

Do you specialize in any one type of merchandise or consider yourself an expert in it? Electic assortment…always looking for interesting things. I am now downsizing my home and bringing things to my booth that I have collected for literally 50 years.

What got you into this business? Grew up in Neodesha, KS and my parents were collectors and would take me to the country auctions ever since I can remember. My Russian Grandfather came to Neodesha to open his own Junk Yard. He collected a lot of really great antiques for his house and made his money from scrap metal and selling great furniture. Our house was large and we even owned a storage house next door full of theater props and costumes because my Mother was into acting and directing musicals. At one time she was the starlet in Auntie Mame of which to me she was the true character.

What is your other occupation? I have been in the flower business for some 35 years. After the death of my first husband I became a free lance designer and was in charge of the floral department at Hallmark…Hallmark was under the “while elephant tax statice” which gave me unlimited budgets for Halls Plaza, Crown Center and Swansons. A dream come true for any designer. I also worked with the display department for 5 years. When they lost the special tax status, I started wedding work from home. I now teach Herbal Medicine.

What other hobbies or interests do you have? Cooking, reading cook books, gardening and teaching about herbs.


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm

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