#884 Erin

Business Name: re:new

Booth Location: The groovy floor – 2nd and the middle of the western wall

How long have you been a vendor at RMA? Since 2006

Do you specialize or consider yourself an expert in any one area? Expert – eh!! But I love old books (Especially cookbooks) kitchen items, paint by numbers, round things, that totally odd item thats been handcrafted, the weirder the better

What got you into the business? It was strongly suggested I needed another option for the stuff that was exploding out of every window in my house or to go on medication to help my inability to pass up buying anything vintage

What is your “other” occupation? I am a compliance administrator testing benefits plans according to IRS Guidelines and counting the minutes until I can get back to the real world – Shopping – Finding and Playing with all things Vintage.

Other than antiques, what other hobbies or interests do you have? I steal some of my inventory to create stuff, mosaics with broken stuff, dioramas with too small stuff, book sculptures with worn books and stuff, yard art with found object stuff (although my neighbors tend to disagree with my idea of “art” and of course blvd bbq and hot fudge banana marshmellow malts


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm

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