#530 Connie

Business Name: Zelda’s Antiques and Collectibles

Booth Location: 3rd Floor, North end Middle Aisle will lead you right to it…

How long have you been a vendor at RMA: Since 1999

Do you specialize or consider yourself an expert in any one area? Not really, originally it was Victorian and early 1900’s, then it moved into 1950’s chrome dining room tables, then 50’s furniture of all kinds and some 60’s too. These days it is a little bit of everything.

What got you into the business? A vast amount of stuff due to family collections and auctions

What is your “other” occupation? Retired from mortgage Banking of 23 years to care for Family

Other than antiques, what other hobbies or interests do you have? Living on an acreage that has a 25×30′ greenhouse so gardening is a BIG Deal. Reading, Sewing & Cooking and traveling with 4 ladies I have known since 1st Grade. We have at least a week of fun once a year. Life is Good…


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm

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