Business Name:  Lyndal Carrier Antiques

Booth Location:  My booth is on the 1st floor, center aisle, on the east side, 4 back from the check out counter!

How long have you been a vendor at RMA?  Six years

Do you specialize in anything or consider yourself an expert?  I am attracted to English, Continental and American Antiques.  I buy what I love and consider it mine until it sells.  I purchase mainly small antiques, artwork and some small furniture pieces.  You can also find chandeliers and lamps in my booth The objects I buy have good design and proportion along with good construction and great craftsmanship that will continue to hold it’s value.  Just for fun I will toss in something of whimsy so it doesn’t get too serious.

What got you into the business?  One activity that I enjoyed while I was growing up was going to antique shops with my parents.  They taught me to appreciate objects with history and that were constructed to last for many generations.

What is your other occupation?  I was an art teacher for 30 years.  One of my objectives was to introduce my students to good design and proportion in the visual arts and decorative arts along with an appreciation for art.

What hobbies or interests do you have?  I enjoy going to the Nelson Art Gallery, trying new restaurants, traveling and spending time with family and friends


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm

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