Dealer Biography #821 Linda Staten

#821 Linda Staten joined River Market Antique’s family of vendors on May 1, 2016

Her business name is “True Story” and her fabulous space can be found on the 3rd floor, South East Corner.

We asked her what she specialized in and her answer was:  I don’t specialize and I’m definitely not an expert.  I research a lot, though.  I choose objects that catch my eye or intrigue me and I prefer things that are more functional rather than ornamental.  I really like objects that have a back story of some kind, or that lend themselves to an imaginary backstory.

We like to know what gets people into the business and her story was: My mom took me with her to flea markets when I was little and I loved looking at the old things.  My sister also used to do antique shows.  What really appealed to me was the storytelling element.  Every object has a story and the older the object the more stories it has.  When you buy an antique or collectible, you become part of it’s story, and it becomes part of yours.  It’s all very pre-IKEA.

We found out that Linda’s “other” occupation is being a professional writer for 31 years and now she freelances.  She also works part time in education at the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead.

Her hobbies include reading, going to auctions, Asian Culture (especially K-pop music and dramas and Chinese Rock & Roll).  She’s also a NetFlix Binger!


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May 2012

We met a couple of weeks ago.  We were both at the River Market Antique Mall and I passed her idling in a booth at the top of the stairs on the second floor.  We said “hello”, though I was in a rush and moved on without exchanging pleasantries.

She made an impression.  Well-built, stable, but a little wobbly under pressure, I thought we might have a few things in common.  When I returned home from vacation I went back and asked her if she’d like to stay with us for a while.  She said yes, she has an adventurous spirit.  I paid her back rent, twenty-four dollars, and brought her home to meet the boys.  They think she is swell.

Ready for a fresh start, wanting to put her past behind her, she’s looking for new names.

We are open to suggestions.