Vendor #357 Dan O’Brien & Aly Breeze

Please join us in welcoming Dan & Aly to our antique mall. Their space is up and running and it is located on the 3rd floor in the SE Corner.

They specialize in Mid Century Modern and weird unexpected items, nice artwork and fun stuff.

Dan says his Dad started him back when he was a kid by taking him to auctions and sales. His house was a museum.

Dan is disabled and takes care of his Mother when he is not working his booth space with Aly.

Junkin is the formost of his hobbies but he likes the outdoors and they both love movies.

More Fun Vendors to meet at River Market Antiques.

Vendor #013 Mike & Molly

Please join us in welcoming Mike and Molly to our antique mall.

They are going by Dealer #013 and if you go to the 2nd floor and turn LEFT you are there!

They are busy moving in and getting things organized for a July 1st opening of their space and they specialize in Irish Books, Irish Genealogy items, Irish “old style” songs. They also have quite a collection of hallmark ornaments and figures and many Items of celtic interest.

Mike got into the business because his parents in the 1980’s and 1990’s were into the antique & collectible arena and he helped them with this.

While not out collecting/buying Mike is an author and publisher of books, cd’s and a singer of Irish traditional songs.

Molly is an experienced special education teacher

We wish them both the best!

New Vendors #660

Please welcome our new vendors #660 Chrystine Hendrickson and Ray Houts, to our antique family at RMA.
They call themselves H & H Antiques and their space is located on our 3rd Floor.
They don’t specialize in any one thing, they just love collecting and sharing their passion.

Ray & Chrystine are brother and sister. They have always compared and enjoyed the items the other has procured throughout the years. This last fall they began attending Andrew Turners
Auctions together. The subject came up of going together to promote the sale of the antiques and collectibles. They were referred to River Market Antiques by ATAKC and it is as they say “the rest of the story”

Chrystine is an Administrative Assistant for a sales office in Grandview, Missouri. Ray is an Assistant Designer for a local engineering firm.

Other hobbies and interests? Chrystine has been a quilt maker for the last 5 years but closed her shop this last July when starting her current position at the sales office. She also enjoys spending time with her family. Her elderly mother has moved back and lives near her and she is committed to her care.
Ray enjoys hunting, fishing, shooting sports and most outdoor activities; woodworking, cooking, reading and spending time with his family.