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May 2012

We met a couple of weeks ago.  We were both at the River Market Antique Mall and I passed her idling in a booth at the top of the stairs on the second floor.  We said “hello”, though I was in a rush and moved on without exchanging pleasantries.

She made an impression.  Well-built, stable, but a little wobbly under pressure, I thought we might have a few things in common.  When I returned home from vacation I went back and asked her if she’d like to stay with us for a while.  She said yes, she has an adventurous spirit.  I paid her back rent, twenty-four dollars, and brought her home to meet the boys.  They think she is swell.

Ready for a fresh start, wanting to put her past behind her, she’s looking for new names.

We are open to suggestions.

Back to School Clothing & Supplies Drive

vintage-back-to-schoolEvery Child deserves and needs the proper tools to achieve and excel in this world.  The heightened self-esteem and confidence provided by a new backpack, supplies and new clothing, achieves more than most of us can ever imagine.

Most of us are able to provide for our families adequately but those that are not provided for are the ones that need us the most and that is why we have adopted 10 such children to ensure that they receive all the clothing and supplies that they need.

Starting Saturday August 1st through Sunday August 16th, in conjunction with the “Green Bags for School Supplies” project, we will be accepting donations for this good cause.  If you can help by either purchasing clothing, a few toys or after/before school activities, or making a cash donation to go towards needed items, it would be greatly appreciated and all donations are tax deductible.

There will be bins set up in our front foyer area for donations, look for the “green bags” of Hope!

 Our children are:

1.  Jesse – Going into the 6th Grade

He likes the color blue and playing football.

He wears a pant size 14 Slim and a size Large Shirt.  His shoe size is 6 1/2.

2.  Samantha – Going into the 6th Grade

She likes the color purple and still loves dolls.

She wears a pant size 8, a shirt size Large and her shoe size is 7.

3.  Braxton – This is a special needs child going into the 5th Grade

The color Blue is his favorite and coloring is what he likes to do.

He wears a size 14 pants, a large size shirt and his shoe size is 4.

4.  Blaine – Going into the 5th Grade

His favorite colors are blue & red and he enjoys fishing, basketball and football

He wears a size 14 pant, a large size shirt and his shoe size is 4.

5.  Jamond – Going into the 4th Grade

His favorite colors are also red and blue and he enjoys pokemon cards and building things

He wears a pant size of 14-16, wears a large size shirt and wears a size 9 shoe

6.  Nya – Going into the 4th Grade

She likes the color blue and dolls

Her pant size is Large, Her shirt size is Large and she wears a size 1 shoe

7.  Elizabeth – Going into the 3rd Grade

She likes Pink and Princess Sofia and all animals

She wears a pant size 10, a Medium size shirt and wears size 13 shoes

8.  Corbyn – Going into the 2nd Grade

His favorite color is blue and he likes baseball and music

He wears a pant size 8, a Large size shirt and wears a shoe size 4 1/2

9.  Melodye – Going into Kindergarten

She likes all things purple, dolls, painting and My Little Pony

She wears a size 4T pant, a 4T shirt and youth size 9 shoes.

10.  Chance – Going into Kindergarten

He likes the color blue, tools and cars

He wears a size 5T pant, a size 5T shirt and wears a children’s size 11 shoe

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