Picture - Parking Lot Constructioin

During May 2016 while our parking lot is being improved shop early as we’ll be opening at 9am and shop late because we’ll be open till 8pm

Dealers will also be here during our additional hours to bring in fresh merchandise so you’ll be able to have first pick on exciting ideas for your home and yard this season.

Dealer Biography #816

Please welcome our newest dealers, #816 Antonio & Desiree Lee.
You can find their booth on our 3rd floor, SW Wall.
They specialize in Furniture and Home Decor.

What got you into this business we asked?
My husband and I enjoy the thrill of the hunt and reward when we find a treasure. We both grew up rummaging and always considered doing something like this.

What is your other occupations?
I am an Interior Designer and my husband is an Entrepreneurl Insurance Executive.

What other hobbies and interests do you have outside of antiques?
We love landscaping, gardening and working with kids as well as church ministry/missions.